How to Change Your AirDrop Name on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries regarding any of your Apple devices. For further reading, check out how to turn on / off and use AirDrop on Mac. In case you are facing an AirDrop issue on your Mac, please check out our guide on how to fix an AirDrop not working issue on your Mac. To change the AirDrop name of your iPad, the process is slightly different. Instead of changing the name on your contact card, you will have to change the name of your iPad. All iPhones sunning iOS 7 and above support AirDrop by default.

When you change your AirDrop name, you’ll also be changing your device name for Bluetooth, Personal Hotspot, Wi-Fi, and when sharing files on a local network. Read on to learn how you can easily change your AirDrop name on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac. AirDrop makes sharing files between any Apple device seamless.

  1. However, this also changes the name in all places that use the contact card, such as the form autofill feature of Safari.
  2. You will receive an email message with instructions on how to reset your password.
  3. In the last 10 years, she has been published in dozens of publications internationally and won an excellence award.
  4. To change your AirDrop name, you need to change the name of your Apple device.

It allows iOS, iPadOS, and macOS (OS X Yosemite or later) devices that are physically near each other share files with each other wirelessly. It is an exceptionally fast and efficient mode of file transfer for devices that are close by. If you follow the steps above for how to change AirDrop name on iPhone, once you reach step 4, you can simply tap your profile picture to edit it.

In some instances, you may notice that the newly updated name doesn’t appear even after following all of the steps. In that case, try doing the steps again to ensure you did it correctly. In the last 10 years, she has been published in dozens of publications internationally and won an excellence award. Since joining iPhone Life in 2020, she has written how-to articles as well as complex guides about Apple products, software, and apps. Olena grew up using Macs and exploring all the latest tech.

It is fast and requires a few steps to set up, and perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t degrade the quality of any media that is sent. When you use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, other devices usually see your first name as the name of your device. If you’d rather use a name that’s more witty or less revealing, changing your AirDrop name is easy.

If you are trying to send something, the recipient devices would also be able to recognize you easily. That’s how to change your AirDrop name on iPhone! You will now see the updated name when AirDropping files. Just keep in mind that when you change the name in your contact card, this will also be the name displayed if you share your contact card with a new acquaintance. To learn more about your Apple device features and handy shortcuts, like how to silence contacts, sign up for our free Tip of the Day Newsletter. When attempting to AirDrop files, there’s a good possibility you won’t see your other device.

The method applies to an iPhone, iPad, and even MacBook. At iPhone Life, we use our 35 years of experience as a tech publisher to help millions of people master their Apple devices. Our experts obsessively test each tip, guide, and video we release to ensure you get all the hidden steps you won’t find anywhere else. Vikhyat has a bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering and over five years of writing experience. When not typing away on his MacBook Pro, he loves exploring the real world.

Then navigate to the General section and select the About option. Then go to the About page and tap the Name option.

How to Change Your AirDrop Name & What to Do If You Can’t Change It

Every time someone wants to send files to your device, they have to select your AirDrop name on their screen from a list of potential nearby devices. This can be a problem, especially when there are other one technologies aws cloud infrastructure engineer smartrecruiters Apple device users around you with the same default AirDrop name crowding out your own. AirDrop is a very useful and safe feature that enables instant exchange of files and data between Apple devices.

While AirDrop is handy, recognizing other devices can sometimes get confusing when you have two iPhones or Macs running on the same Apple ID. And to solve this problem, Apple allows you to personalize your AirDrop name to make it easier to recognize how to buy nftx devices and share files. Keep reading to learn how to change your AirDrop name on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. When it comes to transferring original-quality files between Apple devices, AirDrop is among the best and most convenient ways.

Before we proceed to change your AirDrop name, check that there are no pending software updates. If there are any, you should do those soon so that there aren’t any compatibility issues with AirDrop. On your Mac and iPad your AirDrop name is the same as your device name, which you can see by going to general settings and tapping About. Your iPhone Airdrop name is the name on your contact card. When you’re ready to start sharing, ensure that you make your device discoverable in AirDrop if you’re running iOS 16.2 or later. It can be important to change the name that identifies you when you send an AirDrop request to ensure your name is both professional and recognizable.

Having a lot of Apple products nearby can make it confusing when you need to transfer or receive files from other Apple devices. So it is important to have a unique AirDrop name to make it easier to find your device. We will learn how to change the AirDrop name on your iPhone and iPad. This will help you personalize your device so nearby devices can find you easily.

However, this doesn’t change your contact card details. In the past, changing your AirDrop name was tedious as it required users to modify their contact card. However, thanks to the advencements with iOS 16, you can change the name other users identify you as by changing your device’s name.

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You should also ensure you are using the most recent version of the software, such as iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma. When you try to share an item using AirDrop, every other icon in the pop-up window will have a name identical to the one you’re using. To create a unique identity, here’s how you can change the AirDrop name on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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The issue might be because the second device you’re using is yet to enable AirDrop. Refer to our articles if AirDrop needs to be fixed on your iPhone/iPad or Mac or if you need help sharing passwords over AirDrop. Trying to send files to your Mac but can’t find your device? Follow the steps below depending the rise of the cryptoexchange giants on the macOS you’re using to modify the name of your Mac. Now, whenever someone shares photos or videos via AirDrop, ask them to look for the updated name; the files should come straight to you. Once you change your iPhone’s name, Apple will use it for Bluetooth, hotspots, iCloud, and Find My.

How to Change Your AirDrop Name

Completing these steps should change the AirDrop name that appears on other iPhones. However, this also changes the name in all places that use the contact card, such as the form autofill feature of Safari. You can change your contact card details more than once if you feel like temporarily changing the AirDrop name or reverting to a previously set name.


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